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  • Furbellow & Co at Whitby Museum

    Whitby Museum is a victorian treasure trove of historic artefacts that weave a tale of years gone by. It is easy to lose a rainy…

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  • Can I legally carry a pocket knife in the UK?

    There are lots of reasons you may wish to carry a pocket knife on you. Whether it is a useful tool for work, you’re planning…

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  • How to use a razor honing pad

    Our razor honing pad from Stropt is designed to prolong the life of your razor. These small traditional leather strops sharpen disposable and cartridge razors…

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  • How to cut your own hair

    Here are some top tips from our resident barber Jon if you’re thinking of tackling a home hair cut. Invest in a decent pair of…

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  • Made in Whitby

    Whitby is a historic fishing town nestled between the expansive North York Moors and the crashing waves of the North Sea. Its past is rich with…

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  • Beard Oil vs Beard Balm

    It seems that while many of our front line NHS staff are having to remove their beards to ensure that protective face masks fit correctly,…

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  • How to use a safety razor

    Firstly you’re going to need some time, its going to take a while to get use to using a new razor, and the new shaving…

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  • How to grow a beard

    With Barbershops closed round the country we know some of you will be missing your regular beard pampering, our traditional barber Jon shares his tips…

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  • Yorkshire Beard Day 2020

    Bravo! to Shane Hazelgrave who took home the trophy for Yorkshire Beard of the Year 2020 and  category win for full beard with styled moustache….

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  • Christmas at Furbellow’s

    It’s the most magical time of year. Whitby is adorned with Christmas trees and twinkly lights. The scent of mulled wine lingers in the air…

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    Furbellow & Co is a Gentlemen’s store with a twist, nestled on Sandgate in the old part of the historic town of Whitby.

    Inside you will discover a warm and friendly atmosphere, with an emphasis on good old fashioned customer service. You can while away the time exploring our eclectic range of products in nostalgic surroundings.

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