Lobster Release with Whitby Lobster Hatchery

Whitby, North Yorkshire

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For most of this year we have been selling cast iron Lobster Bottle Openers and donating £3 from each sale to the Whitby Lobster Hatchery.

We recently had the opportunity to head out to sea with Joe Redfern, founder of the hatchery, and help release some of the juvenile lobsters.

Early one sunny morning we met in the harbour and boarded local cobble ‘Sea Salt’ as you might expect from the name, the boat is usually used for collecting sea water to turn into Whitby Sea Salt.

Archie, the owner of the boat has teamed up with Joe to help him release his lobsters at sea.

Today we were heading for a local kelp forest off the coast of Whitby.

We sailed out through the pier ends with hundreds of tiny lobsters in a tray on board.

Once we reached the right spot, Joe used a large tube to try and help the little lobsters make their way to the bottom of the sea bed, the safest spot for their survival.

Through his work Joe is hoping to increase the lobster population along the Yorkshire Coast.

This will have a big impact for local fishermen and will also the local area.

The hatchery is currently undergoing a renovation to transform it into an educational visitor centre that will help secure the future of the hatchery as well as spreading the message about ocean conservation.

When you purchase a Lobster Bottle Opener you are helping to raise three juvenile lobsters.

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