Out on ye! The planting of the Penny Hedge

Find out more about an ancient Whitby tradition held every May

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Wander along the upper harbour, on a sunny morning in May, and you might stumble across an ancient tradition unfolding..

Legend has it that in the 12th century, a nobleman accidentally killed a monk. His penance? To weave a hedge made entirely from hazel branches.

For the centuries that followed it became tradition to plant a penny hedge in the river’s estuary, one that must withstand three tides, lord knows what fate would become of the townsfolk of Whitby should the fence not hold fast.

During the ceremony you’ll find a crowd watching from the pathway above, whilst two locals construct the hedge, before blowing a horn and calling: ‘Out on ye!’

The ceremony takes place on the eve of ascension which this year falls on 8 May 2024. According to folklore the fence must be weaved before 9am.

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