How to apply beard oil

Tips to keep your beard in good condition and looking fine.

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Evidence has found that ancient civilisations used natural oils to keep their facial hair clean and conditioned.

Despite a surge in recent years of the availability beard styling products, taking care of one’s beard is certainly not a new concept.

Beard oil is essentially a leave-in-conditioner for your facial hair. It adds moisture back into your beard which can help reduce itchiness, dryness and dandruff. This can be especially useful when you’re first trying to grow a beard which some people can find an uncomfortable process.

Beard oil is best applied to a damp beard as this makes it easier for the product to be absorbed into your hair, plus if you’re trying to make beard care part of your routine, applying it straight after a shower is a good way to remember.

As well as enhancing the condition of your beard it can also help keep stray hairs under control.

To apply:

Add 6-8 drops of oil (depending on beard length and thickness)to the palm of your hand

Rub the oil between your hands to get an even coverage

massage into your eard working against the direction of growth then back the other way

using a comb repeat the previous motion to ensure even coverage of the product throughout your beard.

Follow this process daily and wash your beard with shampoo twice a week.

This blog was created by our resident barber, Sam Farrell.

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