How to use a razor honing pad

We show you how to get the best out of your razor.

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Our razor honing pad from Stropt is designed to prolong the life of your razor.

These small traditional leather strops sharpen disposable and cartridge razors making them last five times longer. They ensure a more comfortable shave and help you save money on replacing blades as well as reducing reducing unnecessary plastic waste.

They work equally well with double edged safety razors and can also be used as a handy pocket strop to keep small knives, craft knives, scissors and chisels sharp.

Handmade in UK from thick vegetable tanned leather bonded to a sustainably sourced wood base.

To use

Wet the leather and push your razor firmly upwards five or six times times to clean and maintain the blades. Remeber, you are pushing the razor in a reverse direction, see Mark’s video below.

The leather softens when wet ensuring the razor can really bed in and there is close contact between the leather and the tips of the blades.

This cleans, realigns and sharpens the blades. It’s a simple but time-honoured solution to a very modern problem.


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