Stropt – Razor Honing Pad

The razor honing pad from Stropt is designed to prolong the life of your razor.

These small traditional leather strops sharpen disposable and cartridge razors making them last five times longer. They ensure a more comfortable shave and help you save money on expensive blades while reducing unnecessary plastic waste.

They work equally well with double edged safety razors and can also be used as a handy pocket strop to keep small knives, craft knives, scissors and chisels sharp.

Handmade in UK from thick vegetable tanned leather bonded to a sustainably sourced wood base.

To use, wet the leather and push your razor firmly upwards five or six times times to clean and maintain the blades.

The leather softens when wet ensuring the razor can really bed in and there is close contact between the leather and the tips of the blades. This cleans, realigns and sharpens the blades. It’s a simple but time-honoured solution to a very modern problem.


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Bought from this shop while on holiday from Devon. Love the place, friendly staff and quality gear. Ordered more on line. Came in lovely packaging with a personal note of thanks. You’re doing it right guys. Keep up the good work and regards from Devon.

Phil Pearse

Great shop and very friendly family business! Super quick delivery and great products to choose from. I fully support family run businesses and Furbellow & Co gave me and my family a great shopping experience, job well done and many thanks!

Daniel Davila

Absolutely wonderful customer services and excellent support. I wanted a specific gansey jumper and could not find it anywhere. They were fantastic, found the jumper for me and sent it to me express delivery yesterday afternoon. Royal Mail excelled and it arrived to our surprise this morning. It is exactly what was wanted and I can't thank you enough for all your help.

Maggie Usher-Patel