How to cut your own hair

Top tips from our professional Whitby barber.

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Here are some top tips from our resident barber Jon if you’re thinking of tackling a home hair cut.

Invest in a decent pair of clippers/scissors – using the correct tools will result in a better haircut. Items like kitchen scissors are not designed to cut hair so avoid using the incorrect equipment. You can pick up a decent pair of clippers for under £20. The quality of these clippers will not be barbershop standard, but more than adequate as a temporary solution.

Wash hair before cutting – this is to ensure that there is no product build up prior to cutting hair and will make it easier to cut. If you’re keen to cut down on your single-use plastics we recommend a shampoo bar.

Take your time – the last thing you want to do when cutting your own hair is rush as this will not end well. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time as you will get better results.

Less is more – when cutting your own hair, try not taking too much off. You can always go back and take more off  but taking too much off will result in potentially messing up your preferred style and will take longer to correct in the future.

Use a dual mirror – We advise that you cut your hair at least in front of a mirror, however using, for example, a hand mirror will enable you to see the back and side of your head when cutting.

Cut your hair when damp – cutting hair when it is damp enables the structure of the haircut to be better and easier to cut. Hair stretches when it’s wet, so take extra hair when cutting as it may appear shorter when it’s dry.

Our advice applies to both cutting your own hair or if you’re getting a family member to do it for you.

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The main thing to remember is to take it steady, be patient and take off a little bit at a time. And if you completely mess up we advise that you invest in a quality hat to cover up until help can be sought…

We would love to see the results of your home hair cuts, send us your pictures via Facebook or Instagram.

If the thought of tackling your locks is just too daunting you can always treat yourself to a gift voucher for when we re-open.

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