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Firstly you’re going to need some time, its going to take a while to get use to using a new razor, and the new shaving ritual might take a little longer than usual. If you haven’t already you need to have a really good look at the growth patterns of your beard, its important to know which direction the hairs grow on different parts of your face, as shaving with the hair will reduce irritation.

Use hot water to start the process, a shower or face wash will do, you are looking to start softening the hairs and opening the pores. A pre shave oil applied in circular motions can help soften the hair further and help reduce razor burn, lather up using a good quality shave cream or soap and a shave brush again in a circular motion to help lift the hair, using hands at this point would flatten the hair against the face. The lather lubricates and protects the skin

Make your first pass, using the lightest of pressure move the razor across the skin maintaining an angle of  about 30 degrees between the blade and the skin, use short strokes and rinse the razor regularly.

Don’t be tempted to go back over the same patch at this point as the skin is unprotected, complete a full pass of the face shaving with the growth.

If at this point a closer shave is required lather up again and complete a second pass, this can be done with or against the growth. Rinse with warm water to remove any excess cream and then splash with cold water to close the pores.Apply a soothing aftershave balm.

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