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Top tips from Furbellow & Co's traditional barber

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With Barbershops closed round the country we know some of you will be missing your regular beard pampering, our traditional barber Jon shares his tips on keeping on top of your facial hair during this time.

Maintaining your beard

Traditional barber Jon performs a haircut at Furbellow & Co in Whitby.

If you already have a beard but usually rely on your barber to keep it ship shape these tips are for you.

Wash your beard with water most days, shampoo just once a week to avoid drying it out and stripping of natural oils.

Continue to use either beard oil or balm. Both do the same job, balm is more of a styling agent due to it being a solid product, and therefore perfect for longer beards. However, both provide excellent conditioning treatment for your beard and skin.

If you have a long beard, trimming with scissors occasionally is more ideal as it allows you to shape it to the length you prefer. Using clippers runs that risk of potentially taking too much hair off and losing its shape.

Tips on growing a beard.

If like Jim Carey you’ve decided to give growing a beard a whirl, if only for the entertainment of your family and friends here is some advice.

Jim Carey's instagram post on growing his beard during isolation for Covid-19The key is to just let it grow.. at least for a month. Don’t be tempted to trim or shape it, as this may prevent it from filling in certain areas.

By letting it grow you are allowing the beard to gain shape and size. This also allows you to see any problem areas such as areas which don’t grow as thick, or areas that are patchy.

Begin by  using a beard oil as this will condition your beard hair and skin. It will also help combat the itchy feeling you develop in the early stages of growing a beard.

Once your beard grows past the stubble stage (2-3 weeks growth) you may switch to a balm to provide hold.

Here are just a few of the  beard products available at Furbellow & Co online

A bottle of Captain Fawcett Beard Oil


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