Tootal Scarves – a British made classic

A brief history of the mod favourite.

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Tootal scarves have made their mark on British fashion history over the last 50 years. With their most notable designs being the polka dot, paisley and target prints.

You will find people referring to any paisley scarf as a Tootal scarf but its worth looking for the Tootal label for British made authenticity.

Tootal have been around over 200 years as a manufacturer, founded in Manchester by textile merchant Robert Gardner.

Things really exploded for Tootal in the 60s with the growing mod scene and Paul Weller adopting the Tootal scarf as a staple piece, most notably in the 1977 music video ‘Going Underground

Paul Weller in a Paisley Tootal scarf in the 1977 The Jam video

They have also been worn on the Brit pop scene by Liam Gallagher and Pete Doherty.

So how do you wear a Tootal scarf? Simply wear with a shirt, or jazz up a full suit, or even with a parka – basically however you want! They can be worn as a scarf or tied in more of a cravat style.

Today Tootal scarves are made in a modest facility in Derbyshire, they launch two collections a year, always with a nod to the traditional, well loved designs.

You’ll find them in our store on 11 Sandgate or browse online.

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