How to cook Whitby Smoked Kippers on the beach.

We visited Fortune's Kippers on Henrietta Street who have been smoking kippers in Whitby since 1872.

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The Fortune family started the business back in 1872 and it remains largely unchanged to this day, the distinctive smokey aroma is a familiar greeting as you stroll along the cobbled street.

Barry Brown, Grandson of founder William Fortune

A tiny smoke house and shop sits amongst the higgledy piggledy cottages of Henrietta Street, in the shadow of Whitby Abbey. A sign in the window tells customers if they are open or whether the day’s supply of smoked kippers has run out and to return tomorrow.

Traditional hand painted signs add to the charm of the old building

If you don’t already know, a kipper is a smoked Herring. Fortune’s smoke kippers the traditional way, the fish are gutted by hand by Barry and Dereck, William Fortune’s Grandsons, before being hung in the smokehouse to be cured.

Mark wearing the Berties of Bay Whitby Gansey in Orange

We purchased some kippers and headed along to Whitby beach to cook them two ways.

Jugged Kippers

Bring a pan of water to the boil

Remove the head and tail from the kippers using a sharp knife

Place the kippers vertical in the hot water and leave off the heat for around 6 minutes.

Benefits of jugging the kippers are it reduces the smell in your house if you’re cooking at home.

Boiling water to jug the kippers

Grilled Kippers

Add a knob of butter and grill for around 5 minutes until the skin is crisp and the fish is hot

You can wrap the kippers in foil if you wish to retain more of the natural oils.

Serve with a chunk of brown bread and real butter. We chose a Botham’s of Whitby stotty.

Mark is wearing the Berties of Bay Whitby Gansey in orange, which is based on the traditional working garments worn by Whitby Fishermen.

Images: Ceri Oakes Photography

Grilled smoked kippers

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