The History of 11 Sandgate

11 Sandgate is a grade II listed building with a rich history in the old part of Whitby.

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11 Sandgate is a grade II listed building with a rich history in the old part of Whitby.

The building itself holds clues to its past, so far we have discovered it has housed a butcher, a haberdashers, a record store and most recently a photographer.

The Victorian Image Whitby

Photographer Paul Anthony Wilson, along with Lynne and Shelley, ran the building as The Victorian Image. Scores of local families, tourists and even a handful of celebrities have at least one of the iconic, sepia images hanging in their homes.

The Victorian Image, Whitby with photographer Paul Anthony Wilson

11 Sandgate, Whitby as The Victorian Image with photographer Paul Anthony Wilson

The shop offered a chance to see how you might have looked in Victorian times, with glorious, ruffled off the shoulder dresses for the ladies and smart suits for the gents, you could accessorise with a feather fan, some spectacles and of course a fancy hat.

Whitby photographer Paul Anthony Wilson posing with his family dressed in Victorian clothing

Whitby photographer Paul Anthony Wilson with his family in the signature Victorian Image style.

Paul worked his magic to bring out your inner Queen Victoria, stiff postures, no smile, but a hint of amusement and ultimately got you to relax in front of the camera to achieve that perfect shot.

Paul and his family accrued many regulars and became a fixture of Sandgate. Many people would call in for a chat, including their most regular visitor William the cat, who we are hoping will feel at home once more after the renovations are complete.

We have large shoes to fill, after Paul and family made their mark on Whitby, but we are excited to take on the challenge and bring a new chapter to 11 Sandgate’s history.

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