Wester Rum – 500ml

Wester Rum is no nonsense rum made in a micro-distillery in Glasgow.

If you’d like to have a taste to help you decide which flavour (We know it’s a tough decision!)  Please pop into our Sandgate store where we are happy to provide samples.

Spiced Rum

Rum infused with natural spices.

Rich, round, earthy tones mix with high citrus notes and smooth vanilla to create a spiced rum that can be enjoyed simply over ice or mixed as a cocktail.

40% ABV


Rum infused with cocoa husks from the Dominican Republic.

Expect rich dark cocoa flavours with bitter chocolate notes.

This rum works brilliantly in a White Russian or with some ginger beer. It also works great served neat over ice with a light rum kick followed by a long dark chocolate aftertaste.

40% ABV


Rum infused with Brazilian Coffee Beans.

Suitable for Vegans and Gluten Free.

40% ABV



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