Waterhaul Recycled Beach Cleaner’s Knife – Hooked Tip

The Waterhaul beach cleaning knife is made from 100% recycled Cornish gill nets. The high-end Italian serrated safety blade is specifically for water safety and for tackling ghost gear.

The green ‘seaglass’ colouration of the knife is entirely derived from the original netting and has no additional pigments or dyes.

Ergonomic shaped handle with folding blade design with locking position.

  • Loop hole for carry attachment
  • 2.5 mm thick W 1.4034 stainless steel for an optimum blend of corrosion resistance properties without sacrificing hardness (56HRC) and the ability to hold an edge.
  • Made in Italy by precision knife makers
  •  50 mm total blade length
  • Hidden hooked blade for finer cuts of thinner lines,
  • Simple frame-lock system.

Built to last. Whilst steel blades are initially energy intensive to create, these knives are built for a lifetime of purpose and adventure.

This knife does not class as an every day carry, read more about what knives you can legally carry in the UK.


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