Norse – Double Edged Safety Razor – Ebony

The Norse slim-handle double edged safety razor is a great razor for all shavers, whether shaving your face or body. The razor is made in the United Kingdom from steel, brass and chrome and the insert in the handle is made from recycled plastic. Five razor blades included.

Benefits of shaving with a double edged safety razor:

  • Single blade so less irritation to the skin, for men this means less rashing and spotting around the neck.
  • No single use disposable plastic so your environmental impact is reduced.
  • 200 razor blades cost about £20 so a cost effective choice.

To use the razor unscrew the head and insert a blade. Hold the razor to your face at an angle of between 30 to 45 degrees. Allow the weight of the razor to ‘power’ the shave, using short strokes. When the razor becomes blunt it will ‘hang’ on the hair, rotate the razor or change the blade. To prolong the life of your razor why not try a shaving stropt.

Also available in Ivory.

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