Shoe Polishing Bone

A nifty tool for polishing and de-creasing cordovan shoe leather. A natural bone with different surfaces; convex on one end, concave the other and straight in between with just the right amount of natural oils and the right density to impart shine and restore smoothness without damaging leather.

Established in 1749, Abbeyhorn has been making high-quality animal horn products in England for more than 260 years.

  • For Cordovan leather. Boning is a traditional polishing method whereby wax is applied to the footwear and then brought to a high shine by vigorous rubbing with a deer bone. It is important to use shoe/ boot trees when using this method, in order to have a firm surface against which the leather can be positioned, and so that the footwear’s shape is maintained during the process.To use: Simply brush shoes and wipe with a rag, then take the bone and using the central shaft of the bone (never the ends), rub the smooth rounded side in a gentle but firm circular or back and forth motion. Five minutes of rubbing like this can bring up a great shine and remove creases and scratch marks.


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