Covid 19 – Health & Safety Information

Everything you need to know about how we're keeping you and our staff safe.

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The store

We are excited to be opem, but we are sensitive of your needs and the needs of the staff when providing a welcoming but safe shopping experience.

With your support, we have planned to implement the following;

Encouraging contactless payment. We will provide appropriate social distancing at the till area so you can pay for and collect your items with comfort.

We will support social distancing by; limiting numbers in the shop, a queueing system and distance markers on the floor. We are very away of the size of our shop and its limitations.

We encourage online shopping – reducing non-essential visits. We are promoting stay home and stay safe but keep shopping – over the phone and online. Free local delivery or collection. The same level of precaution is taken when we package your online orders.

The staff will be dressed in appropriate PPE – this is not the usual Furbellow look – but safety is our first priority.

Product hygiene is a concern for us. We like you to experience the products before purchase. However we will not be providing testers and we will be encouraging you to ask for assistance and more information.

Products will be wiped and cleaned appropriately through the day.

We are extending our returns policy to allow you time to try on clothing and decide in the comfort of your own home. This supports our social distancing measures within the shop. There will not be a facility to try on clothes within the shop until it is safe to do so.

We have increased our cleaning procedure to achieve improved hygiene as well as offering hand sanitiser to our customers. We would love it if you’d wear a mask too.

If you have any symptoms please do visit the store and stay home, stay safe. We look forward to welcoming you when you feel fit and well. Do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email. There is no charge for cancelling your barber appointments.

The shop will be closed between 12 and 12.30 to allow staff to have lunch and to carry out any cleaning that reduces risk to them and you.

The Barbershop

Opening 4 July 2020.

We will be reducing the number of appointments per day to allow for increased levels of hygiene between clients.

Our barber Jon will wear a visor when barbering. Gloves will be worn, cleaned or replaced between clients.

It is compulsory that our clients wear a mask for their appointment. Please bring your own or we can provide a mask at a cost f £1.

The barbering chair and equipment will be sanitised between clients. A thorough clean will take place twice a day.

Hand sanitiser will be provided to the client on arrival and as they leave.

Only the person who the appointment is for should come to the shop. We love providing a cosy and friendly welcome to family members but due to the social distancing requirements and to protect our staff we are unable to provide this currently.

Arrive no more than five mins prior to appointment, if early we would appreciate it if you let us know you have arrived and wait outside.

We are not taking walk-in appointments currently. Book an appointment to secure your place. This is to reduce unnecessary visits to the shop as part of the social distancing guidelines.

We encourage you to pay using contactless payment. Tips for Jon can be added to your bill if you wish.

If you show signs of any symptoms, please do not make an appointment. We will welcome you when you are fit and healthy. There is no charge for cancelling your appointment.

All though we are open, please consider if this is an essential requirement to your wellbeing, if it puts your health at risks – stay home stay safe.

The Cottage

Opening in July, Date TBC.

As we reopen, we plan to make your stay as safe and as comfortable as possible so you can get back to making holiday memories here in Whitby.

We will not be allowing guests to check in early. Check out is at 10am and check is 3pm. We want to allow the cleaning staff the time to carry out changeover thoroughly and effectively, following the guidelines to minimise the risk of Covid-19 contamination to staff and customers.

We aim to maintain our usual high standard of cleanliness but we will be paying particular attention and following guidelines provided to keep you and our staff safe;

We will follow these guidelines from Air BnB and will be providing appropriate PPE to our cleaning staff.

We like to use carefully sourced, eco friendly or homemade cleaning products but these are not fully suitable for the current requirements. We will be using diluted bleach where appropriate to provide a disinfected environment. Our laundry will be run through a disinfecting wash.

We will supply an improved range of cleaning products at the cottage to ensure hygiene.

We encourage you to wash your hands regularly and we will provide appropriate facilities – i.e. more soap, sanitiser and moisturiser for good personal care.

Please be mindful of you and your family and the wider community. We encourage you consider appropriate PPE for your stay which with keep you safe in and around Whitby.

Please ask yourself if this is an essential trip and if you show any symptoms we ask you to stay home and stay safe.